Youtube Live SP1 – Celebrating ONE YEAR of Into the Morin Huur

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00
Intro: 1:12

Retrospective of the Into the Morin Huur and Discord “Uuguul” community: 4:15
Story of the “Uuguul” adventure: 5:18
About the “Uuguul” cultural center: 7:55
Additional purpose of the “Uuguul” community: 10:19
About the members of the “Uuguul” center: 11:56
About the change from the physical center to the online community: 15:03
About what we did in the physical cultural center: 16:55
About the achievements of the past year (Part1): 19:58
About the achievements of the past year (Part2): 24:47
Some statistics about the Youtube Channel: 31:47
About the upcoming contents: 35:25
Expression of Gratitude: 50:09
New addition on the shop of the website: 1:01:21

CAKE time: 55:00

Questions & Answers:

Q1: Are you planning to live in Mongolia for a long time? – 21:55
Q2: Will there be lessons on Tatlaga in the future? – 1:46:40

Calligraphy demonstration:

Calligraphy material presentation: 1:08:13
Calligraphy demonstration: 1:11:33
A word about calligraphy: 1:28:20

Some music pieces on Ikel and Morin Huur:

First own composition Tatlaga – Erchim: 1:32:08
Second own composition Tatlaga – Choniin An: 1:36:28
Morin Huur Tatlaga Jonon: 1:43:02

LIVE Conclusion: 1:52:30