Youtube Live #021 – How to Play the Tatlaga – Zahchin Tojaa Gelen

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00
Presentation of the LIVE content: 0:56

Zahchin – Tojaa Gelen

Demonstration (Ikel): 2:58
Explanation: 5:58
Structure and Information: 11:56
Demonstration (Morin Huur): 17:40

Zahchin – Tojaa Gelen Practice

Double Finger Chord: 18:37
Sentence A: 24:57
Sentence B: 28:30
Sentence A and B: 30:28
Sentence C: 33:57
Sentence D: 37:05
Full melody (slow): 42:13
About the Bow Accents: 44:36
Full melody: 45:50
On the Ikel (Focus on the Fingers): 48:57
Conclusion: 53:15

About the upcoming Live content – Hoton Takmo: 1:03:56
About reviving tatlaga: 1:07:56
About sharing picture of own instruments on Discord: 1:13:01
About culture preservation: 1:29:20
About the Mongol Bichig on the computer: 1:36:03

Questions & Answers:

Q1: Did the ancient Mongols use rosin on the bows of earlier versions of the morin huur? If they didn’t what did they use? – 54:24​
Q2: What tuning did you play in for the intro to “Into the Morin Huur”? It seems very low. Is it lower than C G ? – 1:05:52
Q3: Hi Steve, currently i’m saving up for a Morin Khuur, hope to get one from your website soon. Since horse archery already made a big hole on my wallet. – 1:09:16
Q4: Have you thought about writing a book about the Morin Huur (learn to play, history and culture) in English? – 1:14:53
Q5: How many language can you speak? 1:43:30

LIVE Conclusion: 1:46:02

Melody’s Structure