Youtube Live #019 – How to Play the Bii Biyelgee – Bayad Morgol

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00
Presentation of the LIVE content: 0:53

Bayd Bii – Morgol

Playing Demonstration: 1:24
Information About the Melody: 3:16
Melody Structure: 5:10​
Information about the dance: 7:22
Particularity of this Bii: 12:46
Second Playing Demonstration: 16:34
Tuning: 18:49

Bayd Bii – Morgol Practice

Sentence A (Melody): 20:35​
Sentence A (Bowing): 27:23​
Beginners’ Common Mistakes with the Bowing: 31:08
Sentence B: 36:04​
Sentence A and B: 39:40
Tips for the Intro: 41:28
Sentence C Demonstration: 43:30
Sentence C: 45:30​
Full Melody: 58:50​

Ikel version (Low Tuning): 1:02:09
Ikel version (Different interpretation): 1:05:37
Ikel version: 1:09:13

Questions & Answers:

Q1: What is the instrument on the right of the yatga in the background? – 11:42​
Q2: Is the flicking different from the tsohilt? – 25:00
Q3: Do you push on the bow hair for this accents during the bridge part? – 52:48
Q4: What are your plans for this summer? – 56:34
Q5: What was you WORST experience with a customer? 1:12:00
Q6: Can you show what causes “scratchy, electric” sound while playing long bow? – 1:24:51

LIVE Conclusion: 1:45:32

Melody’s Structure