Youtube Live #018 – How to Play the Bii Biyelgee – Bayad Elkendeg

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00
Short introduction on what is the Bii – Biyelgee: 0:41

Bayd Bii – Elkendeg

Information About the Melody: 4:00​
Playing Demonstration: 6:40
Important information about the sharing of melodies: 7:29
Melody Structure: 8:45​
Tuning: 12:08

Bayd Bii – Elkendeg Practice

Sentence A: 15:00​
Sentence A and B Demonstration: 30:40​
Sentence B: 32:21​
Sentence A and B: 33:39
Information About the Structure Notation: 39:01​
Sentence A’: 42:45​
Outro: 44:05​
Full Melody: 48:42​

Conclusion: 49:33​
Ikel short presentation: 50:50​
Ikel version: 52:14

Urtiin Duu Exercise:

Introduction: 1:21:52
Tuning: 1:21:59
Practice: 1:21:18
Conclusion: 1:35:05

Questions & Answers:

Q1: Typically what kind of performers would dance to this piece ? – 22:12​
Q2: What is the difference between a beginner and advanced morin huur? – 54:10
Q3: Is the Morin khuur hard to learn? – 1:11:57
Q4: Do the notes’ positioning sometimes change a little when playing in different tunings? – 1:15:50
Q5: On the bows that do not have adjusting screw, how do we adjust the tension? Is it normal to have some loose hair? – 1:18:39

LIVE Conclusion: 1:36:38

Melody’s Structure for Tsezen Lhaidai (Лхайдайн ЦЭЗЭН) version