Youtube Live #014 – How to Learn Bii and Tatlaga Easily by Ear

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00​
Own Tatlaga Composition: 0:50​
Hoton Joroo: 2:45
Own Tatlaga Composition (explaination): 4:37​
Animal Voices on Morin Huur: 7:10​
Can we play Morin Huur with a bad listening or bad earing and without knowing how to sing: 21:22​
Method to learn Bii and Tatlaga easily by ear: 38:09
Glimpse on the upcoming book: 1:08:24​
About the upcoming book: 1:24:12​

Questions & Answers:

Q1: Are there multiple ways to do the horse sound? – 15:37​
Q2: Does the Urtiin duu singer imitate animals or sounds of the nature too? – 19:33​
Q3: Are there tatlaga that are good for beginners? – 1:01:07

Urtiin Duu Exercise:

Introduction: 1:10:02
Tuning: 1:10:36​
Practice: 1:13:31​
Conclusion: 1:26:14​

Urianhai Morgol: 1:32:24​
Bayd Elkendeg: 1:34:44
Bayd Satsal: 1:36:15
Bayd Morgol: 1:37:39
Jurai Gelden: 1:39:50
Tavan Hasag: 1:42:00
Hoton Takmo: 1:43:15
Dunjingarav Magtaal: 1:45:38​

LIVE Conclusion: 1:49:49