Youtube Live #011 – Explanation of the Legend of Balchin Heer

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00
Hoton – Joroo Morii: 0:55​

DISCORD Questions:

Q1: Have you ever wanted to look at Tuvan/Altai culture as they are closely related with Mongolian culture? – 3:49​
Q2: And would you ever be interested in doing throat singing with morin khuur? – 10:48​
Q3: What would you say is the perfect chair height for playing the morin huur? – 15:40​

LIVE CHAT Questions:

Q1: ​Playing fast on an intrument requires softness aswell. Atleast from my experience with other instruments. – 44:05​
Q2: In the last live I asked about the red seals, do you know now why there are red? – 46:00
Q3: Salut Steve comment ça va ? Tu saurais me dire comment est accordé le Morin Huur ? – 59:08​

URTIN DUU Exercise:

Introduction: 20:26
Tuning: 24:17​
Practice: 27:45
Conclusion: 25:54​
Benefits: 39:22​
About the “Hammering” and Vibrato: 51:22

Song Requests:

Introduction: 43:15​
Hoton Bii – Ih Tatlaga: 1:00:33​
Urianhai Bii – Satsal: 1:03:45​
Hoton – Juurai Gelden: 1:05:10
Jonon Hariin Yawdal / Erdene Zasgiin Unaga: 1:07:04​
Buigaar Shariin Yawdal / Onchin Tsagaan Botgo: 1:15:00
Mongol Buh: 1:23:36​
Balchin Heeriin Domog: 1:29:56​
Balchin Heeriin Domog (explanation): 1:37:56​

LIVE Conclusion: 1:47:20