Youtube Live #009 – Improvised Live Concert

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00​

DISCORD Questions:

Q1: What do you think France needs that Mongolia has? – 9:50​
Q2: I remember hearing a lot of songs about homesickness, missing family or the place you grew up in. I think they were mostly folk songs or modern songs. Are there any Urtiin duu with this kind of theme? – 17:37​

LIVE CHAT Questions:

Q1: ​Are there tatlaga that have similar rules where you can’t play it in certain situation? – 27:17​
Q2: ​Do you ever sing while playing morin khuur? – 47:55​
Q3: Are there two versions of Balchin heer? I’ve seen another song called that on Youtube. – 1:02:34​
Q4: Does it take time to be good at singing and playing at the same time? – 1:26:25​

Implementation of Language Learning game card on the Discord Server: 41:21
About the One Day One Urtiin Duu videos: 56:06​

Hoton Bii – Ih Tatlaga: 51:02​
Hoton Bii – Joroo Mori: 53:27​
Hoton Bii – Balchin Heer: 1:00:12​
Dunjingarawiin Magtaal: 1:08:58
Juurai Gelden: 1:17:50​
Tavan Hasag: 1:19:25​
Hoton Bii – Takmo: 1:22:00​
Hoton Bii – Takmo (5th): 1:24:02
Orooltei Sharga (5th): 1:28:29
Onchin Tsagaan Botgo: 1:42:20​

LIVE Conclusion: 1:49:57