Youtube Live #008 – Explanation of Jonon Hariin Yawdal Tatlaga

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Greetings: 0:00​

DISCORD Questions:

Q1: During Mongolian election, how people in the countryside vote? – 0:58​
Q2: Is it possible to find horse hair strings for the Morin Huur? – 4:07​
Q3: How much important is it to keep your nails longer on your left hand when playing the Morin Huur? Asking because I also play other instruments that requires shorter nails. – 14:31

LIVE CHAT Questions:

Q1: Are left handed Morin Huur built differently? – 21:48​
Q2: I assume that the skin has to really tight on the box. – 35:34​
Q3: I am also curious how the skin is attached to the instrument. Is it glued like wood? – 38:00​
Q4: So do people play with the thumb on the high string sometimes? – 1:02:10
Q5: Which piece sounds the most sorrowful? – 1:03:29​
Q6: Will these songs be in future episodes? – 1:14:56

Talk about the UUGUUL DISCORD community, the latest changes: 25:18​
Talk about the Morin Huur online lessons and private sections of the UUGUUL DISCORD community: 27:42
Talk about the subscriber secret access and bonus on DISCORD: 32:32

Jonon Hariin Yawdal – Saruul Tal (Introduction) – 39:38
Jonon Hariin Yawdal – Saruul Tal (Playing) – 40:20
Jonon Hariin Yawdal – Saruul Tal (Explanation) – 46:36​

About the Urtiin Duu translations shared on DISCORD: 1:13:19

LIVE Conclusion: 1:21:14