Youtube Live #007 – What is my Favourite Part of Mongolia?

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00​

DISCORD Questions:

Q1: Do people celebrate Christmas or anything like it in Mongolia?
What are some national holidays that they celebrate if any? –
Q2: Since it seems that Mongolians and other peoples like Tuvans and Altais have some similarities in their throat singing, I wonder if maybe there are sort of Tuvan/Altai versions of the Mongolian Urtiin Duu?
Do these other peoples sing in a similar way?
What are the similarities and differences if you know them? –
Q3: What is the Mongolian word for an Urtiin Duu singer? – 31:14​
Q4: How do Mongolian historians describe that Scythian heritage?
How did that culture influence further Mongolian cultural development?
Overall, I am curious about how Mongolians percept Scythians and Huns (of Attila)? –
Q5: Are there any traditional Mongolian drums and percussions? – 40:14​
Q6: What are the specific occasions to sing Urtiin Duu? – 43:37​

LIVE CHAT Questions:

Q1: What is your favourite part of Mongolia to visit (Taking nature and culture into consideration) ? – 11:26​
Q2: Did you try horse riding before going to Mongolia? – 15:25​
Q3: What about Buryat Urtiin Duu? – 22:08​
Q4: How has the quarantine been in Mongolia, has it been strict? – 23:51​
Q5: I remember hearing some Japanese singing that would have this stretched syllables technic but it didn’t had the same effect… – 29:05​
Q6: During Mongolian election, how people in the countryside vote? – 50:22
Q7: Is it true that people have used Shagai as dice in games? – 52:35​
Q8: Do you have any idea on when we will be able to visit Mongolia again? – 55:42​
Q9: Is it possible to travel anywhere in Mongolia at the moment? – 1:04:10​

LIVE Conclusion: 1:03:02​