Youtube Live #006 – How Does Urtiin Duu Bring about Spiritual Healing?

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Greetings: 0:00​

DISCORD Questions:

Q1: I have sometimes seen pictures of a morin huur that was built from the skull of a horse instead of a wooden box, is this something that is modern or historical? – 0:45​
Q2: How do you do that sort of rapid pitch change in Urtiin duu? – 9:36​
Q3: Is there any official or authentic way to make the milk tea? – 21:26​
Q4: How does Urtiin Duu incite spiritual healing? – 24:35
Q5: In what situations is it used to heal? Like people, animals, etc… – 28:16​
Q6: How is fermented mare milk? Is it popular? – 35:07
Q7: Is Mongolia environmentally protected and managed? In particular are there laws regarding littering and emissions? – 42:33

LIVE CHAT Questions:

Q1: What is your favourite Urtiin Duu and could you play it with Morin Huur at the end of this video? – 6:45
Q2: What is the best way to get a replacement bow for the Morin Huur? – 12:29​
Q3: I imagine there must be an amazing connection between the Morin Huurch and the Urtiin Duuchin when they are performing together. – 13:53​
Q4: And what about the instrument itself? – 17:08​
Q5: What do you think about the taste of Aaruul? – 40:12​

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LIVE Conclusion: 54:25