Youtube Live #003 – How to Set Up and Use a Mute on the Morin Huur

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Greetings: 0:00

DISCORD Questions:

Q1: How high maintenance do Morin Huur’s tend to be? Compared to something like a guitar, for example, are they more or less fragile?
How frequent do repairs tend to be needed, and are the repairs easy to conduct by oneself, or might specialists be required? –
Q2: Where and how to start to learn Calligraphy? – 8:24​
Q3: How often do you rosin the bow, how much do you usually put on there? – 16:40​
Q4: In the beginning my bow hand gets tired cause I push the hairs down with my 3 fingers too hard I guess? Might be a result of too little rosin.
How hard are you supposed to be holding the base of the bow for traditional holding, and how hard is normal to hold the bow hair down? –
Q5: What does the mute look like, how to put it and how much quieter does it make the sound? – 25:13​
Q6: Often times morin khuurch can be seen doing sort of a whipping motion with the bow, that results in accentuating the note. Can you elaborate on this technique and can you provide some exercises for practicing it? – 30:00​

LIVE CHAT Questions:

Q1: What are the gears for? – 13:00
Q2: I tried once to mute my instrument by putting cloth pin on the bridge… – 33:20​
Q3: Would you mind play with and without the mute to be able to hear the difference – 34:57​

Back to the whipping technique: 37:33
Last chat check: 38:15

LIVE Conclusion: 38:35