Youtube Live #002 – What is the Meaning of the Blue Scarf (Hadag) on Some Morin Huur?

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00​

DISCORD Questions:

Q1: First impression after coming to mongolia how was it? Was it only a trip or did you move there? And how did you adapt to Mongolia when you first moved there? – 0:29
Q2: What is the best month to visit Mongolia? – 6:34
Q3: Are you able to do Huumii? – 18:13​
Q4: What is the difference between an Igil and Morin Huur? – 19:27​
Q5: Have you ever played in a band/ensemble, and are there videos of this on the internet? – 22:55​
Q6: How come some morin huurs have a blue scarf around its neck? – 37:40
Q7: What are the other instruments in the background called? – 44:17​

LIVE CHAT Questions:

Q1: Have ever eaten Huushuur, and what is your opinion about it? – 8:04
Q2: What are the similarities between the French and Mongolian culture? – 9:56​
Q3: How do you find Syberians instruments? I saw that you found a Dombra for someone which surprised me. – 12:02​
Q4: Have you ever visited Bayn Olgii and interacted with the Kazakh there, and listened to their Dombra folk music? – 13:35
Q5: What is your favourite instrument and style? and Why? – 15:50​
Q6: How long have you played Morin Huur? – 17:34​
Q7: What is your opinion about the “HU” band? – 24:30
Q8: Ikilii made from a wood which is stroke by lightning. – 27:48​
Q9: Do you play other instruments? – 28:45​
Q10: Are you aware of the current politic issue going in Inner Mongolia right now? (French) – 29:08​

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Reminder for people who start to learn the Morin Huur: 47:55
If you wanna buy the surprise: 51:34
Improvisation / Medley: 52:19
Durvun Oirad Bii: 56:35​

Last chat check: 1:01:25
LIVE Conclusion: 1:03:34
How to support the UUGUUL cultural project: 1:06:05​
New idea and proposition for the future: 1:08:00