Hey folks!

Here are some picture I could take during a day trip in the museum of 13th century. I went with my language school (PrimeBridge) part of the language training and cultural learning. It’s located in “Erdene sum” around 80km from Ulaanbaatar.
There is very great landscape, and old style ger and clothes! I could visit “educational” ger, “general of army” ger, the king ger, different shaman place as well and the area for artists and craftsmen. Very interesting trip and always glad to be far from the city! I share with you some of the picture here!

With my three teachers, and the rest of the students!

The “Svld”, ancien banner of Mongol empire. It wore white horse hair (81 pack of 81cm) for peace time, and in the back you can see a black one, for war time.

The back of the general sit.

The “toono” of the general ger.

Large view of the king ger. Before the ger, there is 20 banner representing different clans.

An eagle, pretty big hehe!

The door’s handle of the kind ger.

An three headed Hunnu Morin Huur.

The area of the craftsmen.

Inside the craftsman ger.

And hidden way to a very nice point of view!

This land is really incredibly peaceful!