The UUGUUL community was originally a cultural center founded by Steve E. MOREL, located in the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar.
The goal behind this community is to promote and contribute into preserving the ancestral Mongolian culture. Language, history and ancestral art and music are at the core of this goal!

In order to touch and help more people all around the world we decided to create a server on DISCORD, open to anyone interested in Mongolian culture or in ancestral folk arts.

You can join our DISCORD community here.

The UUGUUL Environment

The word UUGUUL can be translated by Original as in initial or even Ancestral or Native.

Steve E. Morel


– Graduated from the University of Language and Civilization as specialist in Mongolian Language and Literature (Bachelor of Arts) since 2020.
Professional in CGI industry (Direction, Photography, Vfx) since 2003.
– Psychology and non-violent communication studies since 2013.
Researcher in traditional Mongolian art (Morin Huur, Bii Biyelgee, Urtiin Duu, Hoomii, Calligraphy,Morin Huur crafting, seal sculpting…) since 2014.
Numerous lectures about traditions, consciousness, ecology in school, interviews and TV shows.
Teaching Morin Huur through Youtube since 2016.

Jargalsaikhan Gaanjuursuren


Doctor (Ph.D) in Mongolian linguistics, Mongolian script.
Teacher of History, Linguistics and Ethnicities since 1997.
Teacher of Mongolian language (Cyrillic and Uyghur).
Lecturer (Mongolian history, civilization and ethnicities) since 2001.
Numerous publications about Mongolian ethnicities and history.

Laura Wahba

English Language Advisor

Teacher of English as a second language since 1991.
Celtic Harp player.
Sean nos singer (ancient Irish singing).
Folk music and ancestral music enthusiast since childhood.

Janerke Aldanish

Assistant & Event Manager

Teacher of English language.
Event organiser and lecture leader.
– Years of experience in teaching children.
– Numerous experiences as a Tour Guide.

During the Morin Huur Class

During the Lectures


Below you will see people who contribute and support the UUGUUL adventure!


N. Baatartsog is a renowned artist, with an unique and much
recognisable style, mostly inspired by traditional Mongolian painting as well as Buddhist picture.
He is also a teacher and instructor of fine art and Paper Cutting.


E. Ankhbayar is a renowned artist, researcher and calligrapher. He work for the promotion of the Mongolian script in the Bichig Soyol
Mongolian Calligraphy Association.
He is also a teacher and instructor of Mongolian calligraphy


M. Samuel is a French musician and jaw harp (aman khuur) maker. He plays and teaches khöömiimorin khuur, tsuur flute, and jawharp.
He promotes the Mongolian and central Asian cultures in his concerts and workshops, and by supplying musical instruments, as well as ritual and cultural items from Mongolia.


B. Altantuya is a renowned calligrapher, textologist (text linguist) and ancestral language researcher.
She is a fervent activist for the diffusion and transmission of the Mongol script.
She also teach calligraphy and recently released a self-learning method for Mongolian Script.

Some of Our Creations

Finally, you can find in our shop hand made calligraphy, painting, stone seal as well as books and music recordings.

Those are a real financial contribution to our goal of cultural preservation.