Cooking Program Chef in Your Ears on NTV

Greetings everyone! Here is something a little bit different from the usual posts. I was invited in a quite professional cooking show! Two teams against each other. Two non-professional cooks guided by two professional chefs during one hour! And the best dish allows its chef to go on the next step.It was super funny and …

55 questions on Eagle TV

Greetings everyone! Eagle TV came to my home to ask me 55 questions. It is a little show that they make on a regular basis. It was very different from the usual interviews I had until now, so I really enjoyed it!It’s all in Mongolian language.

Striking a Chord Documentary On Aljazeera TV

Greetings everyone! I made an apparition in the Striking a Chord short documentary shot by Pearly Jacob, for Aljazeera TV. Here, she talks about the modern Morin Huur style, the orchestra, the western education, and the ancestral heritage as well as how those two periods are cohabiting together. Here is the little documentary

Mongolia Now on BTV Japan

Greetings everyone! Another interview for the Japanese TV this time. In this video you can actually see the writing of a calligraphy piece as well as the making of a stone seal. It can give you an idea of the process of doing those two crafts. It’s mostly in Mongolian with Japanese subtitles!

ETV show Amar Baina uu Mongolchuudaa for Lunar Year

Greetings everyone! Here is an entertaining show related to the new Lunar Year. This time it was on Etv, again with other foreigners living in Mongolia. We played some traditional games and they tested our knowledge about the customs of the Lunar Year with some interesting quizzes. You can watch the program below