Interview for the Radio Program Voice of Mongolia

Greetings everyone! I was interviewed by the radio Voice of Mongolia, part of the Mongolian National Broadcast. We had a talk about culture, actuality here in UB, also the change that occurs within the last years, and some social conditions. You can hear below the interview on soundcloud

Interview for Eh Ornii Manaa

Greetings everyone! I got the incredible chance to be the first foreigner to have a publication within this magazine. There is a reason for that, this magazine is more or less military oriented from what I understood and is very much read by the people who work at the border of Mongolia. In this interview …

Mongolia Now on BTV Japan

Greetings everyone! Another interview for the Japanese TV this time. In this video you can actually see the writing of a calligraphy piece as well as the making of a stone seal. It can give you an idea of the process of doing those two crafts. It’s mostly in Mongolian with Japanese subtitles!