Saruul Tal


Unique Calligraphy of the long song Saruul Tal title, handwritten.

For more details about shipping, stock, and materials check the complete description below.

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Unique Calligraphy of the long song Saruul Tal (Саруул Тал) title, handwritten.
It can be translated by “Serene Steppe”.

Stock :
As the calligraphy is unique, if it is out of stock don’t worry, you can contact me directly here to get a new and fresh one.
I will be happy to present you with few examples of inspiring proverbs, poems, or even great meaningful words as well as discuss the different options of paper, format and decoration. It is also an opportunity to get a fully custom calligraphy for your home or for a gift!

Shipping (not included in the price):
This calligraphy will be wrapped in soft paper, then in few layer of hard cardboard. It will be delivered without the glass to avoid any breaking or scratch of the paper.
If you want to order this piece, please contact me directly to process your order.
As the piece is unique and framed, I can’t predict the shipping cost this is why we will need to discuss the shipping option together.
You will have the choice between the slow (around 3 weeks), unsecured, untracked shipping or the secured, fast (48-72hours), and tracked shipping (with DHL).

Offline Payment :
Note that it’s also possible to make the payment through an offline service like Money Gramm, Western Union, or a direct bank transfer. If you wish to use this alternative just contact me directly without making the order on the shop.

Anyway if you have any issue or doubt, please contact me so we can discuss the best option for you.

Additional information

Dimensions 28.2 × 14.2 × 0.4 cm

Cardboard, Glass, Golden paint, High quality paper, Ink, Wood