Morin Huur Sharing

Please find the list below, of the different videos made so far about Morin Huur learning.

NB: I don't claim to be a Morin Huur teacher and use the term 'lesson' simply for commodity.
I am a passionate who spend a lot of time learning and asking around about this instrument and its ancestral heritage. Those videos are the fruit of my research and time spent sometime with a Mentor, sometime by myself from videos or recordings and sometime from my own intuition.
So please considerate what I share carefully and feel free to explore on your own!

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If you feel more comfortable to explore directly on Youtube instead of this website, the playlist is also available there.

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Morin Huur Lesson #001


Morin Huur Lesson #002

Holding the bow and tuning

Morin Huur Lesson #003

Fa major scale & basic rhythms

Morin Huur Lesson #004

Buligaar Huren Tsvnh

Morin Huur Lesson #005

Durvun Uul

Morin Huur Lesson #006

Fa major addition & 3 new rhythms

Morin Huur Lesson #007

Bayad Bujig

Morin Huur Lesson #008

Avgiin Tsagaan Uul

Morin Huur Lesson #009


Morin Huur Lesson #010

FA Major 2nd octave, Horse rhythm & Bow accent

Morin Huur Lesson #011

Dance Torguud

Morin Huur Lesson #012

Fundamentals of Urtiin Duu

Morin Huur Lesson #013


Morin Huur Lesson #014

Jaahan Sharga

Morin Huur Lesson #015

Builgan Shariin Yawdal

Morin Huur Lesson #016

Onchin Tsagaan Botgo

Morin Huur Lesson #017

Background melody inspired by Bie Biyelgee

Happy practice and have fun!

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