Do you want to acquire a Morin Huur?

You're in the right place!
I can help you find an instrument, and ship it to you directly from Mongolia!

Struggling to find a way to get a Morin Huur (Mongolian horse head fiddle)?
Looking for a trustworthy and human way to get your instrument?

Well you definitely knocked on the right door! I've been passionate about this instrument since 2013 and do my best to spread it, as well as its beautiful traditional repertoire since then! Also know that I will be more than happy to help you through your learning once you get your instrument! You'll be part of my learning community!

Here is a breakdown of the cost :
Morin Huur (Study instrument for adult) - 350.000 tugrug (around 120€).
Rosin - 10.000 Tugrug (around 3€).
Mute (good at the begining, especially for your neighbourgh) - 5.000 Tugrug (around 1.25€).
Hard Case - 170.000 Tugrug (around 60€).
Wood box for shipping - 40.000 Tugrug (around 13€).
I also ask for an extra 50€ for my help.
The shipping cost usually is around 450.000 Tugrug (around 150€) but of course change depending on the area you are living.

The total would be then, for a study instrument, around 400€

nb: These prices are for a basic study instrument. Of course it's possible to aim for a more professional package depending on your budget and what you are looking for! We can talk about all that directly!

Below some picture of a study instrument and its bow.

Below a short video to give you an idea on how the instrument sounds

Of course this instrument is just here to give you an idea.
If you decide to get an instrument through me, we will see together what instrument is available and which one fits your wish better!

How to proceed?

We discuss your budget, and what instrument you are looking for.
I will search, check, and propose you 2 or 3 instruments available and related to your wish.
You validate the instrument that you want to acquire.
I give you the final price for your order.
You transfert the money for the order.
After recieving your transfert, I will ship the instrument in a hardcase, which is packed in a hard wood-box.
2 to 3 weeks later you are ready to enjoy Mongolian music!

If you are ready to get your instrument

Just contact me right away