Do you want to acquire a Morin Huur?

Then you are in the right place!
I can help you find an instrument, and ship it to you directly from Mongolia!

If you already have an intrument and want to know more about the Morin Huur and its culture,
be sure to have a look at the "Into the Morin Huur" show.

Struggling to find a way to get a Morin Huur (Mongolian horse head fiddle)?
Looking for a trustworthy and human way to get your instrument?

Well you definitely knocked on the right door! I've been passionate about this instrument since 2013 and did my best to spread it, as well as its beautiful traditional repertoire since then! Also know that I will be more than happy to help you through your learning once you get your instrument! You'll be part of my learning community!

Here is a breakdown of the cost for a study instrument:
Morin Huur (Study instrument for adult) - 350.000 Tugrug (around 120€).
Rosin - 10.000 Tugrug (around 3€).
Mute (good at the begining, especially for your neighbourgh) - 5.000 Tugrug (around 1.25€).
Hard Case - 170.000 Tugrug (around 60€).
Wood box for shipping - 40.000 Tugrug (around 13€).

I also suggest to add an extra 50€ (or more if you wish to) as a comission for my help.

The shipping cost is usually around 480.000 Tugrug (around 155€)

The total would then be, for a study instrument, including shipping, around 400€

nb: These prices are for a basic study instrument. Of course it's possible to aim for a more professional package depending on your budget and what you are looking for!
We can talk about all that directly!

Do you wish to order a Mongolian Deel as well?

Below some pictures of a study instrument and its bow.


Below a short video to give you an idea on how the instrument sounds

Of course this instrument is just here to give you an idea.
If you decide to get an instrument through me, we will see together what instrument is available and which one fits your wish better!

How to proceed?

We discuss your budget, and the kind of instrument you are looking for.
I will search, check, and propose you 2 or 3 instruments available and related to your wish.
You validate the instrument that you want to acquire.
I give you the final price for your order.
You transfert the money for the order.
After recieving your transfert, I will ship the instrument in a hardcase, which is packed in a hard wood-box.
1 to 2 weeks later you are ready to enjoy Mongolian music!

Putting scotch on the neck to prepare the marking.


Marking the main note (Major Scale).


Marking finished!


Setting the instrument in its hard case.


Now walking to the post office!


Final protection set after custom checking.


Ready to fly to its new master!

If you are ready to get your instrument

Just contact me right away


Find out below, some testimonial of customer!


Jared Kurtz

Received his Morin Huur on May 10, 2018

“Steve was easy to contact and communicate with. He was willing to answer any and all questions.
When I received the shipped instrument it was in a sturdy wood box, and therefore had been kept safe after all those miles around the world, I also had the instrument itself shipped in a hard carrying case too. It plays great and I find a lot of satisfaction from playing it.
I will be contacting Steve again in the future for another one at some point, next time I want an igil!”


Samuel Mourot

Received his Morin Huur on October 31, 2019

“When sharing with Steve about what I was looking for, it have always been in a warm hearten and open minded state of mind. His musical practice and his immersive life in Mongolian culture makes him the perfect person to help you to find an instrument that will fit your budget and expectations.
He really is a trustworthy guy, and I will for sure ask him again for my next order.”


Luciano Monceri

Loro Piceno - ITALY
Received his Morin Huur on February 17, 2020

“In 1997, I left Italy with a group of musician friends. We played in the squares of the largest cities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia on our way to Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. There I was able to appreciate the extraordinary Mongolian culture and tradition. I decided then to purchase a morin huur.
This instrument that followed me until now became in very bad shape. I searched on internet how to get a new one and came across Steve Morel. I was struck by his choices and his way of proposing himself...
Today, I have at home a beautiful new morin huur tried, checked and perfectly set up directly by Steve, who took care of every details of the expedition.
I am very happy and I hope one day to be able to return to that wonderful land and to meet him. For the time being, I will follow his interesting online lessons. Thank you very much, Steve. Good life to you.”


Pierre Delaporte

Received his Morin Huur on March 5, 2020

“After months checking and comparing websites specialised in Mongolian instruments, I finally met Steve on the social medias. I had so many questions and he answered them all.
A month later, I was buying a Morin Khuur and today, I am glad I did.

As a musician, buying an instrument isn't only acquiring it but also understanding the cultural background, learning the traditions, the legends and the lore that nourishes it.
Steve possesses it all and knows how to pass his knowledge, honned by years of learning and teaching the Morin Khuur in capital city Ulaanbaatar.
His dedication and discipline for sharing his knowledge in the most purest form is one amongst many reasons I would advise people to get in touch with him for any questions, acquisitions and most recently online lessons !”


John Meyer

Washington, DC - UNITED STATES
Received his Morin Huur on June 24, 2020

“Steve is an excellent resource for learning about Mongolia, its culture, and Morin Khuur.
His connections with local shops provide a wide selection of instruments that he individually inspects and plays over video.
After selecting an instrument, Steve effectively communicated every step of the process, even with an ongoing pandemic redefining the shipping system.

My Morin Khuur arrived adequately protected in both a hard case and a wooden shipping crate, leaving it completely unscathed.
After setting up the bridge and re-tuning, I noticed that Steve also included a convenient fingering/note guide on the side of the neck.
While I am incredibly impressed with the instrument and service, I am most excited by Steve's passion for culture and the community that he created to immerse all those that are interested.”


Adam Bushell

Received his Morin Huur Bow on June 29, 2020

“The morin huur bow is lovely, and arrived at my house in the UK quickly and safely, despite the shipping problems caused by the international Covid-19 situation.
Thanks for all your help, advice, and the time you took to answer myquestions before I placed my order.
I'm really happy with the bow, and grateful for your service.
Thank you so much”


Nicolas Bonneau

Boulogne Billancourt - FRANCE
Received his Morin Huur on July 2, 2020

“The Morin khuur was the first ever instrument I tried to learn and living far from Mongolia makes it difficult to both find a good instrument and the right inspiration to grasp it. Fortunately Steve happens to provide both of them with passion and diligence.
Not only did he provide me with a morin khuur but he also managed to find me a more traditional version of it, with a skinned front instead of wood only.
I could not find such an instrument anywhere else, especially as I'm left handed, let alone at a reasonable price and I thank him a lot for that !”


Mevlüt alici

Received his Dombra on July 23, 2020

“I'm following Steve since quite a while now. He is a kind and friendly person, and as soon as i realized that he were selling morin khuur, I thought that maybe he could sell me a different instrument.
I contacted him and he told me that he would try to make it happen because he never had a dombra order before. A few hours later he wrote me "You are a lucky man I found something for you ^^"...
Since because of Covid-19 the shipping system also changed a little bit but I can't complain. I received my dombra today. One and a half month later since my order (due to the Covid restriction) and everything is fine with it.

Steve is a friendly guy who helps wherever he can, he responded very quickly to my questions and he really invests his time to help everyone (its not just a random question answer thing, he really gives everyone his full attention).
To make a long story short - I would definitely order anything any time from him!”


Alexandre Recknagl

Received his Morin Huur on July 28, 2020

“Well packed, my instrument arrived today, I am very happy and Steve helped me to choose the sound and the design.
I am now ready to start classes and I am very grateful for this opportunity.”


Cliff Phan

San Diego, CA - USA
Received his Morin Huur on November 13, 2020

“Even in this day and age, it can be hard to track down and obtain instrument as rare and beautiful as the morin khuur. Outside of Mongolia, most online vendors are simply in it for the business of selling goods in exchange for exorbitant profits.

What sets Steve apart from the rest is that he's truly passionate about championing and spreading Mongolian culture. He's a one-man show dedicated to preserving tradition, all while helping others to avoid getting ripped off by souvenir scams. True to his claim, buying a morin khuur through him is like a meeting between master and pupil. He has a reputation with the local vendors, and is willing to select/demonstrate each available instrument to ensure that your standards are met. Additionally, he is more than happy to assist novices in becoming more familiar with the instrument, as he is usually available to answer questions on most days.

Steve is easy to contact, and clearly communicates every step of the process until the instrument makes it into your hands. Mine arrived in perfect condition, strapped and cushioned within its hard carrying case, and packaged inside a sturdy wooden box. I strongly recommend reaching out to him sooner than later, if ever you find yourself wishing for Mongolian treasure.”


Mateusz Krawczuk

Wrocław - POLAND
Received his Morin Huur on November 16, 2020

“Talked to Steve about my instrument feature preferences and the price range. He went to the music store, picked a few suitable Morin Huur, and sent me a video with a detailed presentation of each of them. Then he helped me to choose the best one for me. We have had quite an adventure shipping the Morin Huur to Poland due to the COVID-19 situation, but Steve was very helpful, patient and engaged in the process.

The instrument was packaged with great care and did not suffer any damage in transportation. The Morin Huur we chose has a beautiful, rich and deep sound. And it looks amazing!

Believe me - if you want to buy a morin khuur, Steve is the ONLY right person!”

Get in touch with me to get your own Morin Huur!