Language Sharing

Please find the list below, of the different language sharing made so far.

NB: I am a passionate who spend a lot of time learning the language and asking around about traditions, customs and culture. Please note that I'm not a Mongolian native speaker so my language isn't perfect. Hence if some of you find mistakes or misspelling please feel free to contact me and I'll correct accordingly..
I wish that you will enjoy learning with the note I share with you!

Happy learning!

Also if you're interested in more, you can check out my books intention.

Mongolian Language Learning

Vocabulary pack 001

Mongolian Language Learning

Vocabulary pack 002

Mongolian Language Learning

Vocabulary pack 003

Mongolian Language Grammar

Part 001 - Introduction

Grammaire de la langue Mongole

Partie 001 - Introduction

Happy learning and have fun!

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