Do you want to acquire a Mongolian Deel?

Then you are in the right place!
I can help you find your Deel, as well as Mongolian boots and hat,
and ship it to you directly from Mongolia!

Struggling to find a way to get a Mongolian national outfit (Deel, Belt, Hat and Boots)?
Looking for a trustworthy and human way to get your clothes?

Well you definitely knocked on the right door! I've been passionate about Mongolia and its culture since 2013 and did my best to spread it since then!

Here is a breakdown of the cost for a full Mongolian outfit:
Deel (for adult) - starting at 350.000 Tugrug (starting at 120€).
Belt - starting at 50.000 Tugrug (starting at 15€).
Hat - starting at 30.000 Tugrug (starting at 10€).
Boots - starting at 95.000 Tugrug (starting at 30€).

I also suggest to add an extra 50€ (or more if you wish to) as a comission for my help.

The shipping cost for a full outfit (Deel, Belt, Hat and Boots) is usually around 350.000 Tugrug (around 110€).

The total would then be, for a full Mongolian outfit, including shipping, around 330€

nb: These prices are for a regular size as well as materials. Of course it's possible to aim for better materials or different design depending on your budget and what you are looking for!
We can talk about all that directly!

Do you wish to order a Morin Huur as well?

Below some pictures of different materials, hats and boots.

How to proceed?

We discuss your budget, the kind of outfit you are looking for and your measurements.
I will search, check, and propose you the materials available and related to your wish.
You validate the materials and design that you want to acquire.
I give you the final price for your order.
You transfert the money for the order.
After recieving your transfert, I will prepare ship the outfit in an waterproof way.
1 to 2 weeks later you are ready to enjoy your new Mongolian national outfit!

If you are ready to get your Deel

Just contact me right away


Find out below, some testimonial of customer!


Robert Hurt

New Matamoras, Ohio - UNITED STATES
Received his Morin Huur on August 28, 2020

“Steve did a great job packing and sending everything with care! He also obtained precise measurements and took a lot of time to make sure the process was completed with dedication.
His reliability ensured that the deel and the rest of the clothing was sent in a perfect manner.
I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone desiring to purchase a completed deel outfit!”

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