Seals – Set of Three Related to Jaw Harps

Greetings everyone!

Here are some pictures of a new set of sculpted seals or stone stamps ordered by Dom from the website, who sells jaw harps from all around the world. He wanted seals that could label the package that he sends to his customers. Thus, these three seals relates to the universe for Jaw Harps.

– The small one represent a bamboo jaw harp and is 10 x 10mm in size.
– The medium one contain the words “Hel Huur” which means Jaw Harp in Mongol language and is 25 x 25mm in size.
– The large one is the representation of a Jaw Harp ornamented with a Hadag and decoration inspired by the Mongol deer stones, and is 40 x 40mm in size.

I hope that you will enjoy!

And some pictures of the process