Seeking Times Past – Disc 1 -Bayd – Morgol


Recording of the Bayd Bii – Morgol, on “IKKEL” Morin Huur, with 432Hz tuning.

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    Greetings folks!

    You will find the recording of the Ancestral Mongolian Bayd Bii (Biyelgee) – Баяд Бий (Биелгээ) – : Morgol (Мөргөл) which is a melody that accompanies a traditional dance.
    It is recorded with a 432Hz tuning, on a skinned box Morin Huur or “IKKEL” Morin Huur.

    Byad: Morgol – (Баяд: Мөргөл) – 2:57

    Bayd is a tribe from the west of Mongolia which is rich of ancestral culture and traditions.

    Morgol” is a kind of “ritual” or “prayer”. It is usually showing respect to the spirits and it can be, like the “Satsal” showed in 4 directions (South, West, North, East, and South again).

    You can find the full disc 1 collection here.

    Happy Listening!