Hey folks!

I was invited by the owner of a shop in Erenhot, Inner Mongolia, to participate at its grand opening. Erenhot is situated few kilometer from Mongolian border, in China. The particularity of this shop is that it sells lot of French Imported product. That is why I was invited, and there is this tradition also in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, that it brings good fortune to have a Morin Huurch play to bring good omens! It was my first time travelling a little bit to share my Morin Huur playing as well as my first time walk on the soil of China.

During the performance:

With an Inner Mongolian huurch. We shared the “stage”:

Some pictures from the trip, at the departure from Ulaanbaatar:

Waking up in the train:


Morning coffee:

Arriving in Erenhot:

Checking in in the hotel:

Here the Chinese and the Mongolian Script is present everywhere, TOGETHER!

Not much people there (laugh):