Hey folks!

Here are some picture of the Naadam – 2017.
I perform on Ulaanbaatar main square (Sukhbaatar Square) in front of the government palace. And after the performance, on the stage, were a deel competition, I happened to participate without really knowing what was going on, and I won a price (laugh).
I share with you also some picture of my time at the horse race place. It always with great emotion that I watch the first horse arrive on the finishing line!

View of the stage from the public side:

Performing on the main city square:

With some of the deel competition participant:

With the deel compition price:

With all the winner:

Walking to the horse race finishing line:

Some TV present there use the opportunity to ask few question on how the Naadam is going this year.

Talking with one of the greatest Bie Biyelgeech:

Looking with deep attention:

The first horses arrive: