Hey folks!

I had the chance to perform during a Calligraphy Demonstration with Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir. It was organised by Bichig Soyol in the art center for youth in Ulaanbaatar. The goal was to show to young generation calligraphy performance. As a foreigner it was also interesting to inspired those youngster to get into calligraphy and Mongolian writing more and more!

During the opening speech, I also performed a song to bring good fortune to the event:

During the performance:

After the performance and nice friendly gesture to celebrate our achievement:

With Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir and Bichig Soyol founder Dagviin Ganbaatar

Someone actually captured the performance and I had the luck to get it, so if you feel like watching here it is: (sorry about the format, shaking and all)