Youtube Live #001 – How and Why Did I Come to Mongolia?

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this new LIVE dedicated to Mongolia and its culture.


Greetings: 0:00​
Durvun Oirad Bii: 0:38
Introduction and Presentation: 4:33​

Question Introduction: 6:52​

Q1: What was the first thing that made you interested in Mongolian culture? – 7:41​
Q2: Has anyone else tried to make a Morin Huur? – 14:43
Q3: Is there a specific way to prepare the horsehair that will be used for Morin Huur strings / bow? – 16:07​
Q4: What are your plans for preserving Mongolian culture? – 19:36​
Q5: What has your journey in Mongolia taught you in terms of your personal life? – 22:27​
Q6: Just wanted to know about the pressure we should put on the strings when playing. – 27:00​
Q7: Are there any musician you would recommend for research while practicing this instrument. – 34:44​
Q8: If you make mistakes while playing, you can always say it’s a song from an old tribe. – 36:35
Q9: Have you been in Inner Mongolia? – 37:24​

LIVE Conclusion: 40:17