Welcome to your journey Into the Morin Huur.

Into the Morin Huur is a Youtube show, and 100% FREE COURSE created in order to give a general introduction related to the Mongol national instrument Morin Huur.
The show covers various subjects such as traditions, symbolism, spirituality, playing techniques, meaning of melodies and more…
And if you don’t have a Morin Huur yet, I can help you make your dream come true and ship you a Morin Huur directly from Mongolia. Check out the detail here.

NB: You will find the advanced courses below.

In order to improve your learning experience

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Enharmonic Equivalent Notes

Find below a chart that should help you find your way during the tuning of your instrument, if you’re not too familiar with the note names and order.

Notes Location Measurements

Find below a chart with the measurements for the two bridges distance as well as for the location of the different notes.
The notes shown are for the commonly used F/Bb or Fa/Sib.

Enharmonic Equivalent Notes
Notes Location Measurements

Advanced Courses

The advanced courses will be released very soon.

Happy practice and have fun!