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In addition to the episodes below, you can also explore the series of LIVE which contains additional information about Mongolia, the Ikel & Morin Huur, as well as various melodies.

Into the Morin Huur

Into the Morin Huur is a Youtube show created in order to share information and knowledge related to the Mongolian national instrument Morin Huur.
The show covers various subjects such as traditions, symbolism, spirituality, playing techniques, meaning of melodies and more…

The DISCORD Community was created in order to share our passion all together.
We wish for this server to be as constructive as possible and to be a great source of knowledge for any person who want to learn more about the Ancestral Mongolian Arts and Culture.

Here are some of the features the community has to offer:

  • Have a direct input on the next content to be released and stay up to date to their release.
  • Share your playing and / or singing with others and get useful advice in order to improve.
  • Converse with the community about history, language, music or others subjects.
  • Discover new world and ancestral arts and culture.
  • Use the card game to improve your Mongolian vocabulary.

Серверт нэгдэхийн тулд Монгол хэлтэй хүмүүсд зориулсан урилга.


I do not claim to have all the truth or to be a Morin Huur teacher.
As a passionate about the Morin Huur, spending a lot of time learning and asking around about this instrument and its ancestral heritage, I simply enjoy sharing what I know and what I learned.
These videos are the fruit of my research and time spent with a Mentor, sometime by myself with recordings and sometime from my own intuition. I hope and wish for this content to help people who share the same passion!
So please considerate what I share carefully and feel free to explore on your own!
NB: Please accept my apologies for my poor English, as a French I really do my best.

Thanks a lot for watching!
May the blessing of the Eternal Blue Sky be upon you!

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Enharmonic Equivalent Notes

Find below a chart that should help you find your way during the tuning of your instrument, if you’re not too familiar with the note names and order.

Notes Location Measurements

Find below a chart with the measurements for the two bridges distance as well as for the location of the different notes.
The notes shown are for the commonly used F/Bb or Fa/Sib.

Enharmonic Equivalent Notes
Notes Location Measurements

List of Episodes

In addition to the episodes below, you can also explore the series of LIVE which contains additional information about Mongolia, the Ikel & Morin Huur, as well as various melodies.

NB: Every links below will redirect you to the Youtube video page.

Into the Morin Huur

Title Sequence

Episode #000


Episode #001

Symbolism and Spirituality

Episode #002

Position, Tuning and Advice

Episode #003

Holding the Bow

Episode #004

First Core Exercise
Bow Practice

Episode #005

Second Core Exercise
Left Hand Practice – lvl I

Episode #006

Using  a Metronome and a Tuning App

Episode #007

Where does
the wooden front come from?

Episode #008

Second Core Exercise
Left Hand Practice – lvl II

Episode #009

What is Urtiin Duu, Long Song?

Episode #010

Urtiin Duu
Basic Practice I

Happy practice and have fun!

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Archived Previous Videos

Find below the videos of the previous Morin Huur lessons series.

NB: Those videos are now hidden from Youtube as they spread a more modern and European playing style.
Those lessons being regurlarly requested from a lot of you, I decided to make them available from this website.
The term ‘lesson’ is used simply for commodity.