Into the Morin Huur – #002​ – Position, Tuning and Advice

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Greetings everyone!

Welcome to this episode of the show “Into the Morin Huur” dedicated to the Mongolian national instrument “Morin Huur” as well as Mongolian arts and culture.

Content of this episode

Greetings: 0:00​
Intro: 0:22​
Holding the Morin Huur: 1:04​
Sitting: 1:11​
The Feet: 1:54​
The Neck: 2:42
Body Conclusion: 3:15
Learning Suggestion: 3:36​
About the Tuning: 3:51​
Some Advice: 4:47​
Loose Pegs: 4:51​
Hard Pegs: 5:20​
Peg Protection: 5:54
Fine Tuning: 6:04​
The Bridges: 6:20​
The Higher Bridge: 6:32​
The Lower Bridge: 6:40
About the Rosin: 7:04​
Final Advice: 7:15
Final Advice Demonstration: 7:59​
Conclusion: 8:37​
Credits: 9:09

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