Hey folks!

Chinggis Hot, in Hentii organised a Internationnal Folk Art Festival where many people could represent Mongolian culture, ethnic group culture or their own culture. I was invited for this occasion and I performed 3 songs, 2 on Morin Huur, and one on Morchang.
For the little story, I actually had a food poison in the morning before the performance.. I was stuck in bed and I took all my strength to get out for the parade. Each country had to walk and show their flags. It passed and once on stage I felt better. Again a great experience and it was good to see that city again.

At the entrance of the city of Chinggis:

After the performance, with some children who performed as well:

In front of the city hall:

And other view of the entrance of the city:

The statue of Chinggis on the main square: