In May 2015, Bichig Soyol organised an exhibition about Mongolian Calligraphy. I was very lucky, and could actually participate to this exhibition! Many different ethnic groups were represented!

This event lasted for a week, in two places:
First place was in Ulaanbaatar, where we could visit the government palace, get to know each other, and having few gifts! The exhibition held in the Union of Artist Art Gallery, in the city center!

Second place was in Hentii, in the land of the Bodg Khan, precisely in Chinggis Hot.

Bichig Soyol also published a book, for this event, and surprisingly, I could be in it,¬†with my first calligraphy “Tenger”.

It was a wonderful time, and I could learn a lot, about calligraphy, and about Mongolia in general!