Why contribute?

First of all, if you wonder what triggered this cultural journey, check out the about page here.

Contribute to support an unusual adventure within an extraordinary culture.

In order to pursue my life's purpose around Morin Huur, Mongolian culture, traditions, mountain praises and horse legends, I need your support!
I do my best to remain as financially independent as possible, and ask for as little as possible while collecting and sharing as much as I can. I mostly live on some modest income from giving personal Morin Huur lessons or performances here and there. I want to honour this culture and make it accessible for as many people as possible. I had the chance to be touched by it and that changed my life deeply. I think that is a feeling worth sharing.
Now, your contribution is my only way to keep moving forward towards this life purpose.

After all, "Happiness is only real when shared." Christopher McCandless

Future plans

On the flow

  • Learn and develop language skill
  • Improve on the Morin Huur, Hoomii and Tsuur
  • Grasp the Mongolian philosophy deeply
  • Shoot videos to share about Morin Huur
  • Extend those videos to culture in general
  • Record songs and create calligraphy

Background works

  • Go deeper into the original style of Morin Khuur
  • Release a CD
  • Organize a calligraphy exhibition
  • Search hidden compositions in the countryside
  • Illustrate recorded music with short films
  • Build a recognition around Mongolian culture

Life wise

  • Publish deeper and rarer content
  • Translate poem, long song, magtaal, legend
  • Preserve the knowledge of elders
  • Travel the world to talk about ancestral culture

What do you get in return?

I'll start by saying that I consider culture to be a human right, just like water, peace, freedom or fresh air...

Supporting this project is supporting a passionate Frenchman who decided to dedicate his life for the sole purpose of helping preserve ancestral Mongolian art and culture. Your contribution will be a piece of yourself in this wonderful dream and beautiful land!

Culture should be accessible to everyone and shouldn't be used as a business. For this reason I believe that open-hearted charity is the right way to go.

I intend to keep giving and sharing freely.

By contributing, you are taking part in this beautiful intention! Your effort will benefit the culture and both Foreigners eager for knowledge and Mongolians who wish to reconnect with their own heritage. This is a pretty huge reward!

Where will the money go ?

- Rare books and recordings as well as Morin Huur, Hoomii, Tsuur lessons.
- University fees (Culture, Tradition, Mongolian Script and Literature university; also a Mongolian Language school for foreigners).
- Travel all around Mongolia to find hidden treasures within the steppe!
- Towards producing short music films to illustrate different long song, magtaal or legend.
- Last but not least, just like you, I need the money for everyday life, for food, water, electricity and a roof over my head.
- If the monthly donation reach a certain point, I also want to share that money with an NGO or and association that helps with a Mongolian cause (pollution, access to clean water, environmental protection, women's rights, childcare, education).

Every penny will go toward the achievement of this cultural research, recording more music, shooting more videos and translating more pieces!

Inspired by what I'm trying to achieve?

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I'm really grateful that you spent time to know about my purpose and I deeply thank you for your attention! I'm totally excited to get further and deeper in this life adventure and it will be possible only with your help!
So let's get on the road together and achieve some great things!!