Calligraphy – Gal Golomt

Greetings everyone!

Here are some pictures of a new calligraphy piece.
The big words are Гал Голомт – Hearth, accompanied with the poem of the same name.
I hope that you will enjoy!

The Gal Golomt -Гал Голомт- represents the fire that passes from generation to generation within a family. It is given by the father to his son during a ritual, when the son gets married and builds his own hearth. Hence the words are considered a very good omen for young married people, and are usually offered to the couple at their wedding.
Gal Golomt -Гал Голомт- also carries some other meanings in Mongolian’s culture such as lineage, ancestry, the family, and the home. It is also the hearth, the place where the fire burns in a ger -Гэр-. It is believed that in this fire dwells the spirit of the family’s ancestors.

Mongol version:

Хаан эцгийн тань цахиж асаасан
Хатан эхийн тань үлээж хөгжөөсөн
Хамаг Монгол даяар өртөөлөн авчирсан
Халуун гал голомтоо бадрааж яваарай

English version:

Your forefather lit the flame of your lineage by striking a spark
Your foremother enlivened your fire by blowing her love
Mongolians have imparted and received their own…
May your hearth be warm and prosperous