Insight on the First Book

The book is currently around 80% of its realisation.

This book has a big responsibility and aim for a high quality standard! In order to reach this goal, A LOT of time is spent in investigation, research, and verification, sometime with up to five or six persons, to be sure to catch everything and to stay as true as possible with the original Mongolian meaning and feeling.

It's almost there! :))

The current process are now:
- Fine tuning of the Mongolian version.
- Proof reading of the Mongol Bichig.
- Writing the Mongol Bichig part by hand.
- Design of the book!

Also if you wish to support me in my action you can check out this page.

Table of Contents

Proverbs - (7)

- Аз жаргал - Joyfulness - 2 verses.
- Заяа - Destiny - 1 verse.
- Морин Хуур - Morin Huur - 2 verses.
- Тэвчээр - Patience - 2 verses.
- Урам - Enthusiasm - 2 verses.
- Хууртай Монгол - The instrument of Mongolia - 4 verses.
- Хүсэл - Desire - 4 verses.

Poems - (5)

- Би Монгол Хүн by Чойжилын Чимид - I am Mongol by Chimid Choijil - 84 verses.
- Гал Голомт - Fireplace - 4 verses.
- Гурван Эрдэнэ by Данигайн Давааням - The Precious Three by Davaanyam Danigai - 6 verses.
- Миний Эжий by Дашдоржийн Нацагдорж - My Mother by Natsagdorj Dashdorj - 4 verses.
- Морин Хуур by Мишигийн Цэдэндорж - Morin Huur by Tsedendorj Mishig - 68 verses.

Legend - (1)

- Балчин хээрийн домог - The Balchin Heer legend - 45 verses.

Magtaal - (3)

- Галшарын магтаал - Praise of the horse of Galshar - 38 verses.
- Баянхонгор магтаал - Praise of Bayanhongor - 8 verses.
- Увс аймгийн магтаал - Praise of the region of Uvs - 8 verses.

Oral Tradition - (2)

- Овоо Тойроход - Turn around the Cairn - 6 verses.
- Савын Гурван Гэм - Three Flaws of a Cup. - 3 paragraphs.

Bogino Duu - (4)

- Авгын цагаан уул (Үзэмчин) - The White Mountain of Avga (Uzemchin) - 12 verses.
- Булигаар хүрэн цүнх - The Brown Leather Bag - 8 verses.
- Дөрвөн уул - The Four Mountains - 12 verses.
- Самгалдай (Цаатан) - Samgaldai (Tsaatan) - 12 verses.

Urtiin Duu - (11)

- Алиа саарал - Alia Saaral - 12 verses.
- Асрын өндөр - Asriin undur - 12 verses.
- Жаахан шарга (Дарьганга) - Jaahan Sharga (Dariganga) - 82 verses.
- Өнчин цагаан ботго - The White Orphaned Baby Camel - 60 verses.
- Сэрүүн сайхан хангай - Fresh and Beautiful Hangai - 29 verses.
- Саруул Тал - Placid Steppe - 12 verses.
- Тунгалаг тамир - Tungalag Tamir - 12 verses.
- Уяхан замбуу тивийн наран - Uyahan zambuu tiwiin naran - 16 verses.
- Хүний мөс - Morality - 8 verses.
- Цомбон туурайтай хүрэн (Бэсрэг) - Tsombon Tuuraitai Hvren (Besreg) - 24 verses.
- Эрдэнэ засгийн унага - The Foal of "Erdene Zasag" - 24 verses.

How would the book looks?

One book, Two editions.

You can see below few examples from book I already own and from which I was inspired. I really want the book to give an impression of Mongolia.

Affordable Edition

Designed for students, researchers, or people that focus more on the content than the appearance.
This edition will have cheaper paper, a soft cover, and no decoration within the pages.

Luxury edition

Designed for people who also like a pretty object. It can also make a great gift to introduce the culture to your friends or family.
This edition will have a hard clothed cover and a high quality paper printed in colour. The page will be decorated with Mongolian ornaments.

How much would it cost?

Find below the cost in order to release the book.

NB: A lot of money is being saved, thanks to the people who helps me with the Research, the Editing, and the Proofreading. The money set for these activies is set from my own will to pay the people who are actually supporting me for free.
In addition, the Mongol bichig writing, the scanning work, the two book design and the coordination of all collaborators are all for free, as I'm handling those aspects of the production myself.

Research - (to support the volunteers who helps) 300€
Editing - (to support the volunteers who helps) 300€
Proof Reading - (to support the volunteers who helps) 300€
Books Registration Fee (ISBN) (for the two editions) 30€
Printing of the Affordable edition (1000 units) 1200€
Printing of the Luxury edition (500 units) 2200€
Material for the handwriting calligraphy (paper, frame, gold paint) 200€
TOTAL: 4530€

Ongoing Tasks

I will update you as the steps are being achieved.

Task Status
Content Selection Done
Research the context and meaning of the texts Done
Make a first rough English translation Done
Edit the rough English translation Done
Make the French translation 50%
Redact the context, description in the four language 90%
Triple check all the content with revered scholars Done
Design the affordable edition 50%
Design the luxury edition 50%
Write all the Mongol Bichig by hand Standby
Print and deliver Standby