Hey folks!

I participated to the event “AGULA” which was intented to inspire youngster.

AGULA was the first gathering of youth professionals in Mongolia after a long quarantine time. It has taken place on the 24th of October 2020, with an audience of 100 persons (the Maximum allowed according to quarantine).

The word “AGULA” is a direct Cyrillic transposition from the Uyghur Mongolian script, and can not be found as it is in modern dictionaries.
“AGULA” stands for “UUL”, which means “mountain” in Mongolian language. Also it is very similar to the word “AGUUL”, which means “to have”, “to have in mind” or “to contain”.

Combining these two meaning, we gathered people who live those aspirations and who set purposes in order to reach their own mountain top. They shared their experience to inspire and give a direction to the young generation in order to support them reach and achieve their own goals.