I am a French artist and musician, former Motion Designer, Photographer, and VFX artist, now exploring Folk Art & Music, Calligraphy, and ancestral philosophy.

I worked in the Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) industry for more than ten years (since 2003), from website development to Flash animation, and from motion design for Television to Visual Effects for cinema.

In 2013, another kind of journey started, answering a soul awakening, inspired by the Morin Huur and the Mongolian tunesSeeking times past, seeking myself… this journey became a life purpose.

If you want to know more about it, you will find more below.

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Video Making


How did I end up in Mongolia?

I am originally from Strasbourg, France, and then moved to Paris at age twenty. I was a true workaholic, spending around fifteen hours a day, everyday on my computer, forgetting about the few friends I had and even about my family. On top of that I got into video games at a young age and used to be a hardcore gamer on Starcraft, Quake, and World of Warcraft…

In 2013, after three instances in hospital, due to overworking, lack of sleep, junk-food and extreme stress, I came to the realisation that my existence was meaningless. Back then it was like my body shut down and gave up on life. It triggered something that put me on the way to find my purpose. I was ready to start my journey to Mongolia!

Luckily, I had a few great friends who supported me and helped me going through this hard time! Mainly one, who offered me a CD that would change my life forever.

The first time I heard Hoomei, this “double voice”, I really felt an awakening. My heart and soul were glowing! I spent months listening to this “Huun Huur Tu” album kindly offered by my friend Aymeric, working endlessly, with those natural and deep melodies continuously in my ears.

Few months later, I started to dig to find out more! I craved for the origin of this music. In a beautiful moment, during my exploration, I saw the “Morin Huur” for the first time. It was like love at first sight!
Then I discovered a westerner, Alex Glenfield, researching and singing Tuvan Hoomei pretty well on YouTube.

It imbued me with this idea: Hey why not me?!

After that, I decided to try to sing by myself, checking videos and giving my best to mimic the recording I had. In Paris, I found an association, Vent du rêve, that was sharing knowledge about Overtone Singing, Didgeridoo, Jaw Harps, ancestral art and culture. It took me three weeks to find the courage to visit the weekly meeting! Once I arrived there, I had my first encounter with people who were interested in this music, unlike my coworkers who felt that it was a bit “weird”.

Eventually, I decided to subscribe to the association and started to meet a new kind of people, much more open, connected and close to nature than I was used to! I naturally shifted to a more spiritual life, meeting more and more enthusiastic people!

After only one month, I was fortunate enough to meet the Buryat band “Duo Shono”.

I remember the first time I heard their amazing Throat Singing, LIVE! I was filled with emotions, and really had the confirmation, okay, this is it!

Later, I discovered the “Yoga du Son”. It was somehow a bridge between the overtone singing and a spiritual state of mind! I followed its first course and learned a lot about myself. It also triggered something extremely violent in me, like an inner war within myself! I felt that I really needed help from someone. Exactly at that time, let’s call it destiny, I heard about the “Festen”.

It took all my courage to start that spiritual work, and really, it released me!

At the same time, I was following the first module of “Non Violent Communication”It was a very moving period for me. A lot of my beliefs were transmuted. I was thrown more and more OUT of my comfort zone.

In the meanwhile, my interest for Mongolia, for its culture, music, and art kept growing! The idea of taking a plane (for the first time) to feel, see, and experience the land of my burning passion was starting to flourish in my head.

Finally, I flew to Mongolia the 11th of July 2014!
The first sight of this ocean of mountains, vast steppes and isolated ger touched my heart deeply. I couldn’t hold my tears…

I’ve been living in Mongolia since the 5th of October 2014. I gave, give, and will give everything I’ve got to get as deep as possible into this culture. I want to honour it. I’m learning Morin Huur, Urtiin Duu, Tsuur, Mongol Script, Traditions, sculpting stamp, Morin Huur Making, and so many other things… I feel that I have a debt to pay towards the Morin Huur, for it has helped me so much, and I might even say saved my life! This is the reason behind my strong intention to spread an image as accurate as possible to the ancestral culture, to help and contribute in its protection and perpetuation.

Thanks a lot for reading those lines!

To the people who support me in that incredible journey,
you have my deepest gratitude!