Hello folks,

to keep going on my research project about Mongolian culture, traditions, old script, and finally Morin Huur, I need your support!
I do my best to stay as independent as possible, but after those last few years investing (most of my money) in those different fields my saving start to get low! ^^ I’m selling calligraphy or stamp, giving concerts, and using my skill in photography and video making to try to find what I need to keep living, but unfortunately with my school, and music lesson taking me most of my time, it’s not yet balancing with the expense that I have each month!

So if you feel inspired by what I’m trying to achieve, and you wish to contribute, here is some way to do it! :)

First I’m present on those website: Videohive, Etsy and Soundcloud, where I’m selling respectively video works, calligraphy and some of my music!

Second if you want to buy my creations (calligraphies and/or stamps), you’ll find informations below  about what u can order and a form if you wish to do so! ^^

If you want to support me monthly by donating a pledge, I’m also present on Patreon, website where you’ll be able to access some exclusive content, and mostly support my cultural project! Be sure to check it out! There is a 2mn video explaining everything on the page ^^

Cheers, and thank for visiting my website!

For the calligraphy

first of course I will need what you want to write, it can be a simple word, a sentence, a poem, or any other things.

You can also compose whatever you like, for example a word, with a sentence. or a sentence with a poem, etc.. It’s up to you!

I will handle after that how to put everything in harmony!

An other option is a border ornament, to make your calligraphy very unique. Here is two example:

You can also choose your paper style, white, yellow.

Also the calligraphy can be just the paper, or delivered with a frame, as a “scroll” style, again it’s up to you.

And of course the size of the calligraphy depend on your wish also.

Here are some example of paper colour and texture:

For the stamp,

you can choose the type of stone (better see directly with me, to see what is available), the size, the drawing of the stamp, and also the decoration.

You can see example of the calligraphy, and stamp here.

You can use the form there to contact me, and we will discuss about the creation of your query.