Last order of Tamga for my Morin Khuur Teacher.
Special request for this one.
He wanted his name, in Cyrillic, also a registration number, and his logo. This part was pretty difficult to achieve.. and took some time!
Also the top, and the side had a special crafting. For the side it’s a traditional ornament made from the main “Has Temdeg” symbol of the Sun. On the top, I unfortunately don’t know the name of this symbol yet, and his meaning is a bit blurry, but it’s close to the “happiness and joy” symbol, just more “complex”. I’ll update the meaning, as soon as I’ll know more! :)

This Tamga took me around 60 or 70 hours of work, from the drawing of each part, sculpting, polishing etc…

The size is pretty huge also, it’s 69mm x 30mm.