Owoo – Cairn (sold)

Mongolian old script:


“Овооны их нь таньдаа
Олзны их нь маньдаа
Өлийн их нь таньдаа
Өлзийн их нь маньдаа”

-This piece is unique, and handmade-

The big word means ‘Cairn’ and the following text can be translated like this:
“Best of the Owoo goes for you
Best of the wealth goes for me
Best of the food goes for you
Best of the blessing goes for me.”

Those words are said while turning around a Owoo, and giving stone to it.
Those “Owoo” are mainly in the Mongolian countryside.
Those words are a little bit like prayer meant to be said to the “савдаг” (Guardian spirit of a place).

Size: 36,9 x 18,9cm
Material: Paper / ink / acrylic / foam board / gold paper clothes