Gal Golomt

It’s usually a poem that we offer to couple for a wedding, or for the union of two persons.

I can’t translate it well at the moment, but will provide an English translation soon :p


here is the Mongolian version:

Гал Голомт

Хаан эцгийн тань цахиж асаасан

Хатан эхийн тань үлээж хөгжөөсөн

Хамаг Монгол даяар өртөөлөн авчирсан

Халуун гал голомтоо бадрааж яваарай


If you’re interested in buying this one, feel free to write me : )

The frame is a scroll made of a mix of paper, and cloth.
Size: 65×20
Black ink, felted paper, red stamp.