4 Elements (for sale)

Mongolian old script:

“Уул, Салхи, Ус, Гал”

And each line of the different part:

“Дөрөөн дээрээ салхи шиг хийсэх монгол эр
Дүрэлзсэн гал шиг бадарч байдаг монгол эр
Нуурын ус шиг амгалан монгол эр
Нөөлөгтэй уул шиг нөмөртэй монгол эр”
Ж. Буяндэлгэр

-This piece is unique, and handmade-

The word means ‘Mountain – Wind – Water – Fire’ and each line can be translated by:

Riding away on his stirrup like the wind, the Mongolian man,
Ever blazing like a radiant fire, the Mongolian man,
Peaceful like lake water, the Mongolian man,
Protecting like a guardian mountain, the Mongolian man.

Size: 40 x 40cm each and around 1meter wide once together (with frame).
Material: Paper / ink / acrylic / frame

If you want to buy this piece, feel free to write me.