In this Thursday 12 of November 2015, birth date of the Great King of Mongolia, the Morin Khuur center of UB organized a flashmob on Sukhbaatar place, and also in the Hunnuu Mall in the city of Ulaanbaatar.

I was invited also with my good fella Anton Vanderkerken to play with other Morin Khuurch! : )




I had the opportunity to share this moment with around 40 other musicians, and also to play one song in the Hunnuu Mall for the little concert that followed the FlashMob!




A video recorded on the moment we spent on Sukhbaatar! Thanks to Anton for it! :)


Also here are some pieces of the concert! : )

Hoorhon zeerd morinii magtaal by Munkhjargal Lkhagvaa:


Builgan Shariin Yawdal by Morel Steve: (hopefully the last time I play this “simple” version of that song ^^)


Traditionnal Western Mongolian Dance: (Dancer: Zoljargal Balgan / Morin Khuurch: Suhbaatar Bayasgalan)