Hello there,

I’m glad to share this news with you!

My photographies of Mongolia were used in an exhibition in France, in the city of Boulogne Billancourt. This exhibition is open from the 5 of November, to 23 of December 2015!




This exhibition were build by Bouzhigmaa D. SANTARO, also Morin Khuurch, and music researcher. She’s my first Morin Khuur teacher and also good friend! When she asked me to provide some picture for the exhibition, it’s with big pleasure that I tried to contribute as best as I could!




Bouzhigmaa also performs with different bands, and you can find more about it here:
Sarasvati Trio




If you wish to visit the exhibition, you can read here (in French) the press report of the exhibition and get all the informations and contact you need: CP DE PRESSE SCENES MONGOLES

Finally, if you wish to see all my pictures about Mongolia, you can see the set on FlickR here: (Docu) Mongolia

Cheers ^^;