I’m a French musician and artist, former Motion Designer, Photographer, and VFX artist, now exploring Folk Music, Calligraphy, and Craftsmanship.

I worked in the CGI industry for more than 10 years (since 2003), from the website development, to Flash animation, and from motion design for TV, to Vfx for cinema.

I’m now exploring other side of art, more traditional, and less digital, by music, calligraphy, and instrument making, or sculpting stone.

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For those who might be interested, here is my story, kind of short version, of how I was led to Mongolia.

Living in Paris back then, I was a true workaholic, working generally around 15 hours a day, everyday, and also forgetting about the few friends I had, even about my family. Also used to be a lot in hardcore gaming, like Starcraft, Quake, WoW, and so on..

My journey to Mongolia started in 2013, when I was exhausted after 4 body breakdown, with all the work stress and pressure, and mainly, not because I couldn’t see the point of those things! I was starting to feel shackle, and look at myself more like a robot in my life. Also I touched the point where my sentimental relationship (my first one actually) went to an end, and it was really one of the downiest moment of my life.

By luck, I had very good friends who supported me, and helped me, and also one specific who made me discover the Hoomei.

First time I heard that sound, that “double voice”, I really felt some kind of awakening in my soul, in my heart. I spent month listening to nothing else that those few album of “Huun Huur Tu” my friend gave me. Working without end, and by that, having those nature melody all the time in my hear.

After few month, I started too dig a little bit around the net, to find out more about those melody, where it was from, discovering new songs, and as a second beautiful moment, the discovery of the “Morin Khuur”. It’s when it really started I think, also around the same moment, I discovered on youtube, a video of a “white guy” singing Throat Singing pretty well, I felt, and why not me?! That’s when I really started to dig, and getting interested with Mongolia!

I then decided to try sing by myself, checking on youtube some “tutorial”, and going through the “overtone singing“. Also I found an association (Vent du rêve) that were providing with Throat Singing lesson, Didgeridoo lesson, and were very intro folk, and traditional tribes, and culture.

It took me some days to actually have the courage to send a mail to ask about informations, and also couple of weeks to actually get to the place! I arrived there, and had my first encounter with Overtone / Throat singing person, also people that were interested into it, as before, my usual friends felt that singing was a bit “strange” ^^.

After that first lesson I subscribed to that association and started to meet new kind of people, much more open, spiritual, and close to nature that I were used to! I then kinda went into a more spiritual path, meeting more and more of those “magic” people!

Also, after one month only, I had the luck to meet a Buryat band (Duo Shono) and I remember the first time I heard, live, this amazing Throat Singing, I was filled with emotion, and I really had the confirmation, okay, it’s there!

I kept digging and it bring me to some spiritual salon in Paris, when I discover the “Yoga du Son”. It was somehow a link between the overtone singing, and the spiritual state of mind! I followed the first program there, and learn a lot about myself. It also triggered something very very violent in me, and I felt that I really needed help from someone. That’s exactly at that time that I heard about the “Festen”.

With the support of some very close friends, I took all my courage to start that work, and really, it changed my life. At the same time, I followed also the first part of the “Non Violent Communication”. It was a very moving period for me, because I had a lot of understanding about spirituality, about myself, about my path, and purpose.

In the meanwhile, my passion for Mongolia, for this culture, music, and art kept growing, and was at a point where I really did want to get in Mongolia, see, and experience thing by myself. The idea of taking a plane (for the first time) and going in Mongolia was starting to flourish in my mind!

Finally the 11th of July 2014, I flight to Mongolia, it was a lot of emotion, and the tears were flowing pretty much on the first sight of Mongolian land.

Now I live in Mongolia since 8 October of 2014, and I’m doing my best to honour, and learn this culture that helped me so much in my life, and even, I might say, saved my life!

Thanks a lot for reading those lines, and thank to all the people who support me in that (sometime difficult) journey to happiness! ;)

With all my love!